• Arya


    A young woman with long dark hair, and haunting eyes. She carries a bow like an extension of her arm.
  • Garush Skullmasher

    Garush Skullmasher

    An enormous green skinned half orc in Mithril full plate armor.
  • Kiros


    A dark complected human male in his twenties, scarred from many battles.
  • Ralcore


    A muscular young male with a flail over each shoulder.
  • Captain Cervos

    Captain Cervos

    A tall dark skinned man with close cropped hair, and neat, plane white lacquered armor.
  • Khal Gorno

    Khal Gorno

    Dark skinned, with a little gray in the long black braid down his back.
  • Red Blade

    Red Blade

    A former pirate who seized control of Keledaar and set himself up as the city's rulers.
  • Silas Sohl

    Silas Sohl

    A frail, elderly man in an ornate crimson and gold toga-like wrap
  • Tambor


    A young man in his late twenties, with skin dyed green and the tip of his nose cut off.
  • The Blue Woman

    The Blue Woman

    A stunningly beautiful noblewoman in a brilliant blue gown.