Draconis Mortalis

The Mercenary band now known as ‘Draconis Mortalis’ started out as a roving band of soldiers for hire, serving whoever paid the most in the wars over the remains of fallen Valyria. When Garush Skullmasher defeated their former commander in single combat, he took control of the band, and reshaped them into a more focused power in the region.

Combining with other groups, Draconis Mortalis slowly swelled to almost two-thousand members, and over a three year campaign, helped to drive Aegon the Dragonking out of Essos.

The final battle, cost the band dearly. When the smoke cleared, there were only 50 able bodied fighters with the will to continue fighting. The mercs who have chosen to remain are all hardened veterans who could never return to a home, or have no ‘home’ to return to.

Five Disenfranchised knights from Westeros, lesser lords’ sons or exiled criminals. All prefer horseback and mostly spend their money on whores and alcohol.

  • Ser William Dakron (6th Level Fighter)
  • Ser Dunstan Snow (5th Level Fighter)
  • Ser Gregory Tarly (4th Level Fighter)
  • Ser Malcolm Blackwood (7th Level Fighter)
  • Ser Kelvan Moor (6th Level Fighter)

Eight former pit fighters with no concept of life beyond the moment. Their money goes to pretty much the same place as the knights. They prefer light armor and fighting on foot.

Four Summer Islanders that came with Kyra Harren. They are superior archers and report to Aria. (3rd Level Barbarians)

Twelve former slave soldiers, eunuchs raised from birth to be immune to fear and pain. They fight on foot, and mostly wear their salary as jewelry, with no value for possessions. (3rd Level Warriors)

Seven Braavosi light swordsmen. These fencers function mostly as mounted infantry, riding to battle, and dismounting to fight. Their lightning speed and rapiers make them death to opposing archers. (3rd level Warriors)

Nine Pentosh foot soldiers. Life long sell-swords and some of the few original members of the band. These men fight for gold and the honor of their band. Six are archers, and the other four are medium foot soldiers. (3rd Level Warriors)

Three Tyroshi mercenaries. Absorbed from another band along the way, these heavy foot soldiers wield two handed weapons for massive destruction, but are typically the last to arrive in a fight.

Astaporian lancers. These light horsemen weild spears, and typically follow the heavier knights into battle, sweeping behind and makeing sure no one circles around.

The Band has suffered some losses in the Battle of Neshoor, with all three of the Tyroshi falling to the gigantic creature, and five of the twelve former slave warriors sustaining injuries that will take them out of action for a few weeks.

Draconis Mortalis

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