Khal Gorno

Dark skinned, with a little gray in the long black braid down his back.


Khal Gorno was the leader of a khalesar of about 200 Dothraki. They were harassing the smaller towns along the western Essos coast, left defenseless by levies for the war against Aegon. Garush Skullmasher issued a challenge to personal combat, and Gorno faced Kiros in a battle of champions. The battle did not go well for Kiros, and he soon found himself about to face death at the hands of the Dothraki horse lord. Garush intervened and ended the fight, conceding defeat and agreeing to withrdraw.

In accordance with Dothraki custom, Gorno went to cut Kiros’ hair off, to signify his defeat. Kiros responded violently attacking Gorno and badly wounding him. A skirmish unfolded as some Gorno’s Blood riders attempted to protect him and withdraw him from the battle, while others attacked, defending the affront to their honor and that of their leader.

Not clear what had happened, the Khalesar scattered, some following Bloodriders that declared Gorno defeated and claiming his place, and others remaining loyal to him.

The group encountered Gorno again later. The portion of the khalesar that had remained loyal, with the aid of a Mysterious Blue Woman, captured a group of slaves and put them in a cage on an island in the middle of a small lake. Gorno insisted that Garush and his group surrender, in accordance with their previous accord, or the slaves would all be killed. Garush refused and slew Gorno. The Blue Woman fled, and the island sank into the lake, taking the slaves with it. The group was able to save about 20 of the more than two hundred captives before they drowned.

Khal Gorno

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