The Secret of Lightbringer

we cleared the tunnel...kind of

Characters present: Kiros, Garush, Arya, Ralcor

Recap in one sentence: we partially cleared out the tunnel in preparation for an attack on the town.
A little detail…
• we succeeded on a couple key mission objectives 
o We have kept this mission low profile, with only the undead skeletons remaining. Unfortunately there are still quite a few.
o We know how to get to this secret entrance, and now we can exploit this advantage.
o We have not told Gana what we have done or what we are planning on doing in regards to the secret entrance issue.
o didn’t tell Thomas either
o We were able to sneak thru the secret tunnel ways and slay the gigantic Undead Black Worm creature (night crawler) that had killed a hundred other men. Those other men had risen as skeletons, we slew many.
o Draconis Mortalis in waiting nearby at camp.
o 3 NPCs at the secret entrance to tunnels
Things we still plan to do….
1. We have a prisoner, we should continue to question him
2. Do we want to utilize the undead we have remaining? We could let them into the city from the inside out??
3. We flood the city with Draconis Mortalis fighting force and take over the remaining forces in a blitz brutal surprise attack. We want surrender as much as possible, but will take no other option. Surrender the city back to the citizens or else…
a. Start diversion, sneaking team continues in and kills all required leaders and officials and brings the bulk of Draconis Mortalis in thru the secret tunnel.
i. Npcs dressed as Draconis Mortalis stand and act as a diversion while Draconis Mortalis and sneak team enter thru secret entrance and commence “Trojan horse” style attack.



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