The Secret of Lightbringer

The Battle of Neshoor

Khal Gorno and about 100 Dothraki warriors descended on the hamlet of Neshoor, prepared to slay and take captive for the loss of one of the khalesar’s outriders to Kiros earlier in the day.

Garush Skullmasher issued a challenge to personal combat, and Gorno faced Kiros in a battle of champions. The battle did not go well for Kirosand he soon found himself about to face death at the hands of the Dothraki horse lord. Garush intervened and ended the fight, conceding defeat and agreeing to withrdraw.

In accordance with Dothraki custom, Gorno went to cut Kiros’ hair off, to signify his defeat. Kiros responded violently attacking Gorno and badly wounding him. A skirmish unfolded as some Gorno’s Blood riders attempted to protect him and withdraw him from the battle, while others attacked, defending the affront to their honor and that of their leader.

Not clear what had happened, the Khalesar scattered, some following Bloodriders that declared Gorno defeated and claiming his place, and others remaining loyal to him.

While the Dothraki were in chaos, a scream and a cloud of dust arose from within Neshoor. Garush and the Captains had to fight their way through a crowd of townsfolk fleeing the city, as a rubble flew in chunks from the center of town. By the time they reached the source of the uproar, they found a few of their mercenaries, fighting a 15 foot monster destroying the town. Together, the band’s leaders defeated the creature, and traced its rampage back to a small hut, where there were signs of some kind of cult ritual.


Fantastic. Can’t wait to get started!

Garush Skullmasher

The Battle of Neshoor
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