The Secret of Lightbringer

Saving Slaves

An unpleasant encounter

In an attempt to salvage the relationship with Neshoor, Draconis Mortalis set out to pursue the remains of Khal Gorno‘s Khalesar in hopes of saving some of the slaves and plunder they had gathered from other communities in the region. Garush and some of the mercenary band’s best trackers set out to find the trails, and determined that one group of Dothraki went west toward the coast, while the other headed back to their camp, and then went south with the slaves. Garush Skullmasher followed the second group south, and found a trail of abandoned supplies, and fallen slaves that couldn’t keep up with the terrible pace of the Dothraki’s forced march.

Garush returned and gathered the remains of Draconis Mortalis and set out after the slaves. They quickly caught the Dothraki, gathered at a lake, where they had set up a fortified camp, with the slaves in a large cage, on a small island in the middle of a lake. Khal Gorno, accompanied by a strange Blue Woman met them and delivered an ultimatum: leave, or watch the slaves all drown.

Calling the pair’s bluff, Garush cut down Gorno – but the strange Blue Woman was protected by some kind of invisible barrier, and rode away laughing as the hal-orc’s blows fell harmlessly around her and her mount. To the band’s horror, the island that held the prisoners began to rumble and sink in to the lake, taking the hapless slaves with it.

Draconis Mortalis charged into the chaos as the Dothraki scattered at the loss of their leader, and the apparently supernatural earthquake swallowing their captives. In the confusion, the Blue Woman escaped, and despite their best efforts, the mercenaries only managed to save about in in ten of the two-hundred Dothraki victims.


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