The Secret of Lightbringer

A Cold Goodbye

Thanks, here's the door...

Having just completed a three year campaign to drive Aegon the Conqueror, his sister-wives, and their dragons out of Essos, Garush Skullmasher and his mercenary band, Draconis Mortalis have been summoned to the city square of Tyrosh to receive an official commendation from the assembled aristocrats representing the various ‘Free Cities’ of Essos.

During the ceremony, Garush is ‘stabbed’ by Silas Sohl, and a group of crossbowmen open fire from the balconies overlooking the plaza. A riot ensued, and the Captains quickly acted to neutralize the crossbowmen.

An interrogation of the Minister of Astapoor revealed that he was merely the ‘fall guy’ for a group of leaders that viewed Garush as a threat to their power base, and wanted him gone.

Knowing how to take a hint, Garush and Draconis Mortalis took a final payment from their ‘employers’ and departed from Tyrosh with fifty remaining members.


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