The Secret of Lightbringer

1st move in "Attack on Keledaar"

Here are my thoughts….since we do not get to play as much, let’s push the game and get something vs nothing. That being said, here is the plan that I propose we carry out in order to win over Keledaar. It is not as brutish as a normal Garush attack, but maybe that will work to our advantage overall :)

Sneak in thru secret tunnel, with sneak squad, Draconis Mortalis in waiting nearby.

◦Quick and quiet kills are needed

clear out all encounters in the tunnel
◦ no armor on way in, pure sneaking and efficiency, even Garush no armor

•where will the commander be in the middle of the night? gather info secretly
◦don’t tell Gana what we are planning on doing
◦don’t tell Thomas either

this is a covert black op

take all PCs and 5 additional NPCs hand picked for stealth and awareness skills

◦Draconis Mortalis fighting force should be in waiting

•come back out of tunnel and stand with troops in front of Keledaar, start diversion◦
sneaking team continues in and kills all required leaders and officials as they let the bulk of Draconis Mortalis in thru the secret tunnel

Garush and npcs dressed as Draconis Mortalis stand and act as a diversion while Kiros and sneak team finish as needed.

We flood the city with Draconis Mortalis fighting force and take over the remaining forces in a blitz brutal surprise attack. We want surrender as much as possible, but will take no other option. Surrender the city back to the citizens or get ready for some serious orc on man crime :)

all that being said… can we start with sneaking to the tunnel as planned and start clearing it out??

-Garush Skullmasher


trophi rwpegau

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