The Secret of Lightbringer

we cleared the tunnel...kind of

Characters present: Kiros, Garush, Arya, Ralcor

Recap in one sentence: we partially cleared out the tunnel in preparation for an attack on the town.
A little detail…
• we succeeded on a couple key mission objectives 
o We have kept this mission low profile, with only the undead skeletons remaining. Unfortunately there are still quite a few.
o We know how to get to this secret entrance, and now we can exploit this advantage.
o We have not told Gana what we have done or what we are planning on doing in regards to the secret entrance issue.
o didn’t tell Thomas either
o We were able to sneak thru the secret tunnel ways and slay the gigantic Undead Black Worm creature (night crawler) that had killed a hundred other men. Those other men had risen as skeletons, we slew many.
o Draconis Mortalis in waiting nearby at camp.
o 3 NPCs at the secret entrance to tunnels
Things we still plan to do….
1. We have a prisoner, we should continue to question him
2. Do we want to utilize the undead we have remaining? We could let them into the city from the inside out??
3. We flood the city with Draconis Mortalis fighting force and take over the remaining forces in a blitz brutal surprise attack. We want surrender as much as possible, but will take no other option. Surrender the city back to the citizens or else…
a. Start diversion, sneaking team continues in and kills all required leaders and officials and brings the bulk of Draconis Mortalis in thru the secret tunnel.
i. Npcs dressed as Draconis Mortalis stand and act as a diversion while Draconis Mortalis and sneak team enter thru secret entrance and commence “Trojan horse” style attack.


1st move in "Attack on Keledaar"

Here are my thoughts….since we do not get to play as much, let’s push the game and get something vs nothing. That being said, here is the plan that I propose we carry out in order to win over Keledaar. It is not as brutish as a normal Garush attack, but maybe that will work to our advantage overall :)

Sneak in thru secret tunnel, with sneak squad, Draconis Mortalis in waiting nearby.

◦Quick and quiet kills are needed

clear out all encounters in the tunnel
◦ no armor on way in, pure sneaking and efficiency, even Garush no armor

•where will the commander be in the middle of the night? gather info secretly
◦don’t tell Gana what we are planning on doing
◦don’t tell Thomas either

this is a covert black op

take all PCs and 5 additional NPCs hand picked for stealth and awareness skills

◦Draconis Mortalis fighting force should be in waiting

•come back out of tunnel and stand with troops in front of Keledaar, start diversion◦
sneaking team continues in and kills all required leaders and officials as they let the bulk of Draconis Mortalis in thru the secret tunnel

Garush and npcs dressed as Draconis Mortalis stand and act as a diversion while Kiros and sneak team finish as needed.

We flood the city with Draconis Mortalis fighting force and take over the remaining forces in a blitz brutal surprise attack. We want surrender as much as possible, but will take no other option. Surrender the city back to the citizens or get ready for some serious orc on man crime :)

all that being said… can we start with sneaking to the tunnel as planned and start clearing it out??

-Garush Skullmasher
Prep Work for "Keledaar City" encounter

Ahem. DM in the sky…

Garush would like to find out as much as possible about this upcoming invasion:
Who is Red Blade and what is his interest?
What are our seige options?
Sea warfar options?
Secret Entrance options???

Can we get a final count of all our forces and our estimate of theirs, so that we may begin battle plans?

excited to start battle time,


  • The Scouts and troops that have been provided by Caladar or recruited from the slums, many of whom are former Keledaari soldiers, report that fairly little is known about ‘Red Blade’ other than the fact that he was a fairly common pirate, until he managed to seize control of the city while the troops were gone assisting their sister city. He has governed for a few years, and seems to be primarily interested in having his own dynasty and living out his days as a king.
  • The coastal region where the island city is located, makes it virtually impossible, in the opinion of the locals, to besiege. The island rests at the mouth of the river, and would have to be cut off from Sea as well as land to affect supplies enough to make a difference. The fact that the city has a sizable fleet, and is essentially run by pirates, would leave a high probability of them simply launching boats and attacking a beseiging army from behind, trapping them between themselves and the city walls.
  • A naval assault would offer huge benefits, but there is little in the way of resources to attempt it. Worse, Keledaar has a sizable fleet and seasoned sailors to man them. The twin cities have always relied on one another, with the coastal Keledaar managing all of the naval concerns. Really the only ‘option’ would be to hit another coastal town up or down the beach and seize their boats.
  • The former Keledaari troops ensure you that there WAS a secret tunnel leading from a hillside cave, under the river and into the heart of the city. They are equally certain that that is how the pirates seized the city in the first place, and that they know of its presence, meaning it will have been sealed, or heavily protected. They are relatively certain they could help Garush find it. Some of their comrades tried to use it when the first
  • Your current troop count is approximately 100. Your scouts and advisors anticipate at least 500 Fighters in Keledaar, since it has been about ten years since Red Blade took control, and they will have a whole generation of young men they can force to fight now (meaning about half of your men may find themselves fighting their own sons and nephews). The city is surrounded by a moat made by the river on three sides, and a bay on the west. Within the moat, is a 20 foot stone wall, topped with catapults, boiling oil, and other anti-siege weaponry. The city is packed tall with narrow streets, so within, numbers will not make as much difference.

Recap for story
Thomas requests to stay behind in Caladaar while Ralcore and Arya return to report the agreement they have reached with the governor of the small city-state. When you catch up to him the following day, the scribe has much to report.

The aging ex-Westerosi-maester strokes his wispy beard in thought as he divulges the results of his research. “There is much afoot, in the world abroad, and much that your lordship should be made aware of, but I shall start with that most relevant to the goal at hand. Our destination, the city-state of Keledaar was once the brother to Caladaar. They were started by twins of the same names as the cities they founded, lesser nobles of Valyria in the days of it’s dominance. It is said that magic was used to raise the islands from the depths, and slaves from the surrounding area to build the cities. The two cities worked well together for centuries, wisely staying large and strong enough to deter would be assailants, but not large enough or overtly wealthy enough to draw the eye or threaten neighboring powers. About 15 years ago, Keledaar’s armies came to the aid of Caladaar when they were at long last attacked by a massive Dothraki horde. The Keledaari broke the seige and drove off the invaders…but when they returned, they found that a force of raiders had descended on their own diminished defenses and taken control of the island fortress. The Keledaari requested that Caladaar return the favor and come to their aid…but then Governor Narishma Saresh, the current governor’s father, refused. The Keledaari began a seige of the city they had just saved, enraged at the betrayal, but they had marched in haste, and did not have the resources necessary to maintain the seige. Many of the vagrants and refugees huddled outside the city proper are the remnants of that army and their families.”

‘Of the world beyond, there is also much to note. It is said that the emissaries of the Slave Cities to the south have returned to their homes, and begin to build greater walls, in case the dragon king…or you..decide to come for them. To the west, there is news of war and destruction. It is said that Aegon the Dragon King and his sisters have began a conquest of Westeros. Rumours abound of the fall of mighty Harrenhal, the ’impregnable’ fortress, and of the death of Harren the Black and his eldest son. It is said that signs of Autumn are beginning to settle on the land, and some say that the White Walkers have been seen in the North."

‘I have also asked about the ’blue woman’ but none seem to have seen or heard of her, and I could not gain any insight as to who she may have been or from whence she has come."

‘I took the liberty of doing some recruiting while I was in the city. As the story indicated, there were a number of former soldiers of Keledaar among the refugees, who were more than happy to join an army marching to reclaim their home. Most are ill-equipped and somewhat malnourished, but they know which side of the weapon goes toward the enemy and they are well motivated to work for just their board and the promise of a place in their home, which I understood is part of the agreement anyway, so I didn’t think I was overstepping my bounds. With these additional numbers, we are up to almost one hundred men to mount our attack."

The journey west from Caladaar is fairly easy. Light rain storms come and go, but they are more refreshing than bothersome in the arid lands of Essos.

Governor Saresh has appointed a guide to assist you, (and almost certainly to spy on you) and there are very few difficulties on the way. The guide is called Gana. He is a compact man, probably in his mid to late third decade. He is swarthy like most of the people of this region, with a nearly shaved head, and a curly black beard. He wears a dirt colored tunic, sandals, and cloak. He is armed with a short horn bow, and a slightly curved one-handed sword.

The man who leads in Keledaar is a former pirate known as ‘Red Blade’. He led a small fleet of ships, and had about 60 men, but most certainly has recruited more in the decade he has held the place. The men suspect he has also added to its already formidable defenses. Some of the troops tried to sneak back in by what they thought was a secret entrance, but they found it guarded by a terrible beast that slew all who did not manage to flee.

Saving Slaves
An unpleasant encounter

In an attempt to salvage the relationship with Neshoor, Draconis Mortalis set out to pursue the remains of Khal Gorno‘s Khalesar in hopes of saving some of the slaves and plunder they had gathered from other communities in the region. Garush and some of the mercenary band’s best trackers set out to find the trails, and determined that one group of Dothraki went west toward the coast, while the other headed back to their camp, and then went south with the slaves. Garush Skullmasher followed the second group south, and found a trail of abandoned supplies, and fallen slaves that couldn’t keep up with the terrible pace of the Dothraki’s forced march.

Garush returned and gathered the remains of Draconis Mortalis and set out after the slaves. They quickly caught the Dothraki, gathered at a lake, where they had set up a fortified camp, with the slaves in a large cage, on a small island in the middle of a lake. Khal Gorno, accompanied by a strange Blue Woman met them and delivered an ultimatum: leave, or watch the slaves all drown.

Calling the pair’s bluff, Garush cut down Gorno – but the strange Blue Woman was protected by some kind of invisible barrier, and rode away laughing as the hal-orc’s blows fell harmlessly around her and her mount. To the band’s horror, the island that held the prisoners began to rumble and sink in to the lake, taking the hapless slaves with it.

Draconis Mortalis charged into the chaos as the Dothraki scattered at the loss of their leader, and the apparently supernatural earthquake swallowing their captives. In the confusion, the Blue Woman escaped, and despite their best efforts, the mercenaries only managed to save about in in ten of the two-hundred Dothraki victims.

The Battle of Neshoor

Khal Gorno and about 100 Dothraki warriors descended on the hamlet of Neshoor, prepared to slay and take captive for the loss of one of the khalesar’s outriders to Kiros earlier in the day.

Garush Skullmasher issued a challenge to personal combat, and Gorno faced Kiros in a battle of champions. The battle did not go well for Kirosand he soon found himself about to face death at the hands of the Dothraki horse lord. Garush intervened and ended the fight, conceding defeat and agreeing to withrdraw.

In accordance with Dothraki custom, Gorno went to cut Kiros’ hair off, to signify his defeat. Kiros responded violently attacking Gorno and badly wounding him. A skirmish unfolded as some Gorno’s Blood riders attempted to protect him and withdraw him from the battle, while others attacked, defending the affront to their honor and that of their leader.

Not clear what had happened, the Khalesar scattered, some following Bloodriders that declared Gorno defeated and claiming his place, and others remaining loyal to him.

While the Dothraki were in chaos, a scream and a cloud of dust arose from within Neshoor. Garush and the Captains had to fight their way through a crowd of townsfolk fleeing the city, as a rubble flew in chunks from the center of town. By the time they reached the source of the uproar, they found a few of their mercenaries, fighting a 15 foot monster destroying the town. Together, the band’s leaders defeated the creature, and traced its rampage back to a small hut, where there were signs of some kind of cult ritual.

A Cold Goodbye
Thanks, here's the door...

Having just completed a three year campaign to drive Aegon the Conqueror, his sister-wives, and their dragons out of Essos, Garush Skullmasher and his mercenary band, Draconis Mortalis have been summoned to the city square of Tyrosh to receive an official commendation from the assembled aristocrats representing the various ‘Free Cities’ of Essos.

During the ceremony, Garush is ‘stabbed’ by Silas Sohl, and a group of crossbowmen open fire from the balconies overlooking the plaza. A riot ensued, and the Captains quickly acted to neutralize the crossbowmen.

An interrogation of the Minister of Astapoor revealed that he was merely the ‘fall guy’ for a group of leaders that viewed Garush as a threat to their power base, and wanted him gone.

Knowing how to take a hint, Garush and Draconis Mortalis took a final payment from their ‘employers’ and departed from Tyrosh with fifty remaining members.


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